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Enjoy Your comfortable riding with

Motorcycle Landing Gear
Sorry. No longer sell this product.
  • Do you stop and go repeated by traffic lights on the road?
  • Isn’t it hard to balance your bike while slow driving on the narrow alley?
  • When backing a bike out of parking, could you control by yourself?
  • Have a bike ever damaged by fallen down when refueling?
  • Have you ever injured back or leg while standing a bike?
  • If you have a passenger on the back sheet, isn’tit hard to balance your bike?
  • Aren’t you exhausted too much after a long tour?
How many cases have you experienced?

There are many inconveniences when you riding a bike if you aware or not.
You should not get hurt during riding, which makes break out your boring routine.
GLK Landing Gear (Model:GLX-FC-209) is a landing gear for motorcycles.
There are existing landing gears using an pneumatic method, but our product is compact, simple to install, and more powerful as an electric drive method using a motor.
Using aluminum material, it is light and has excellent strength, and the appearance of the product is luxurious.

The GLK Landing Gear reduces motorcycle driving fatigue by allowing landing gear to be Landing or Lifting depending on the motorcycle’s driving situation.
The product is also useful for older people, women, and the disabled who have difficulty riding bicycles.


The GLX-FC 209 landing gear can be fitted to all models of large tour bikes.

The landing gear is a combination of rigidity of aluminum alloy and special reduction gear, and its total weight is about 11kg.

The GLX-FC 209 landing gear has a wheel attached to the concept of auto stand, so if you repeat the main, stop, slow, u-turn, and stand, you can move the landing gear up and down as needed through simple button switch operation. It is a device that can do it.

It is a principle that helps the airplane to land safely on the runway by getting the idea from the landing gear of the airplane and landing gear is hidden when taking off and landing gear when landing.

Large tour bikes are close to 400-500 kg. It is difficult for the driver to support the weight with both legs to hold the center of gravity and to control it when waiting for a signal, parking, slowing U-turns and reversing. As a result, accidents that fall frequently can occur, causing injuries to drivers or expensive bicycles, resulting in high repair costs.

The GLX-FC 209 landing gear is a device that helps the driver to stop, stop, slow down U-turn, and reverse safely without falling down.


GLX-FC 209 is made of chrome plated aluminum alloy. The total weight including bracket is about 11kg, the total length is 36.5cm when landing gear is landing and 22.0cm when lifting.

Colors are divided into chrome and black colors and can be selected according to the bike type and customer preference.

The core technology of the GLX-FC 209 landing gear is the special reduction gear in the rotating part, and this special reduction gear has a 504: 1 reduction ratio, which is more overwhelming than other gear units under the same conditions.

The maximum torque is 413 Nm.

The reason why it works well is to support 400 ~ 500kg of large tour bike and 70kg of driver’s weight.